12kg in 12 weeks

Your body is the only place where you have to live. Help yourself to have a body that you will enjoy being in. It is a body that helps you achieve your goals, gives you the energy you need for work and play. It provides you with the stamina you need for the lifestyle you want. It is strong if you take care of yourself. It has its best chance at being healthy with normal weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels.

I have been thinking about people with health challenges who cannot do heavy workouts or are very busy or simply do not like sport and want to be in the right shape. I created a Body Composition and Lifestyle Programme and happily will guide you through it. 


What makes this programme unique?

     Working with the body’s rhythms will support greater fat loss and easier maintenance over time

     Targeting the body’s defence system and predispositions can prevent further body damage

         Self-monitoring tracks progress and therefore empowers you to take control of  your own health


The programme consists of two parts:

Part 1: Weight Loss (from week 1 to 12) 

Part 2: Detox & Maintenance from (week 7 to 12)

The goal of the programme is: to stop eating the food that is most likely to be harmful to the body and eat beneficial food in the right amount. During this programme you will rediscover yourself: your strength and your confidence. 

This programme is based on the best research from around the world together with my more than 30 years experience in both conventional and bio-medicine. Also I apply the fact that there is a time when organs or an entire system are more active and when they are slow.    It is important to know this rhythm with organs in relation to our meal intake particularly during weight loss.

Any programme:  rejuvenation, purification, detoxification, shape correction, weight loss, immuno-modulating or anti-aging is not effective without the right diet and balanced nutrition.   


Ready-Steady-Trim® advises nutritional correction with:

       immune building power

       specific female & male system support

       bone health

       cardiovascular & circulatory support

       increasing metabolism

       powerful antioxidants

We advocate and teach complete nutrition and lifestyle management through 12 workshops each week. We concentrate on helping you to:

       Understand weight loss physiology

       Understand where extra kilos come from

       Learn positive and healthy eating habits 

       Improve body adaptation towards physical activities and stress

       Improve skin condition

       Manage cellulites

       Improve sleeping pattern


 Almost any diet will help you to lose weight. The trick is maintaining the weight loss and your health. Ready-Steady-Trim® has the solution. 


 What it is “NOT”

    No pain

    No major life changes

    No chemicals

    No dangerous drugs

    No cravings



How do I start?

Call +49 (0) 7532 807 4840 or send an e-mail to to request your reservation for the program.

You will be sent payment details and asked to fill out a confidential patient questionnaire and return this to NaturaHealth.

After receipt of your payment your program will be commenced.


Frequently Asked Questions


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